February 24, 2009

  • Facebook Ads

    facebookbullshitadsYeah, I’ve been doin’ the facebook lately.

    And I must say that the ads they run in the sidebar are really pretty obnoxious. Facebook ad scams have been in the news quite a bit lately, but the ads in question are still showing up, and it doesn’t matter how many times you click on the “thumbs down” icon and report them as “misleading”, they keep showing up.

    It makes me appreciate Xanga a little bit more, I guess.

    Even if I’m the oldest guy here.


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  • jim you’re also the oldest guy on facebook

  • There are ads on Facebook? I had no idea. Do you use Firefox? Download the AdBlock Plus extension and be done with it, my friend.

  • @gowan - 

    really? oh my gosh, thanks SO MUCH for this pro-tip. i’m using firefox but wasn’t aware of the app.

    and jim, i was being snarky. you’re only the second-oldest.

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